Cognitive Enhancers That Actually Work

Many times the question has been asked “which cognitive enhancers actually work, if any?” The collective answer, of course, is all of them. The problem is, what do you want the cognitive enhancers to actually do? If you expect them to miraculously cure post-stroke symptoms you may be disappointed. But if you have a more realistic expectation of them aiding memory and information retention, therefore alleviating many neural symptoms then you are in luck.

Another point of the argument to consider is how cognitive enhancers work. Some cognitive enhancers are stimulants, providing lots of benefit while they are in your system, but sometimes leaving you feel drained and sluggish once the dose has run out. Some are relaxants which may have negative side effects for weeks.

Other cognitive enhancers, called brain boosters, smart drugs or Nootropics, are compounds designed to work with the natural processes and chemicals of the brain.

A person with an ailment like Alzheimer’s or epilepsy may very well be prescribed cognitive enhancers by their doctor. Those who don’t have a serious mental condition probably won’t. This is why it is good to know that some Nootropics, like Piracetam and Oxiracetam do not require a prescription in most countries. Those with any reason to boost brain function and activity will be able to buy Nootropics, and will generally notice an improvement within two weeks of regular use.

Other cognitive enhancers don’t require taking any kind of supplements. Instead, you can train and exercise your brain not only to ward off age-related deterioration, but also to improve cognitive function. These are great alternatives for those who don’t wish to take any kind of drug to improve the brain. Cognitive enhancers like this include brain games, word puzzles, memory games and more. Just 20 minutes of brain training per day can begin to improve your focus, clarity and retention.

Of course, there are also those who believe that covering all angels is best. Taking a low-dose Nootropic and exercising the brain on a daily basis is one of the fastest ways to improve brain functions and maintain that growth. While the compound works to improve communication between all of the areas of your brain, you can be giving those areas something to talk about. Whatever your reasons for wanting to be a genius, it is easily achievable when you take a tactical approach to cognitive enhancers.

Cognitive Enhancers That Actually Work

One of the best and most overlooked cognitive enhancers is quiet time. Taking a few minutes every day to quietly reflect on the day’s activities and tomorrow’s plans can help a person stay centered. Sometimes “lower brain functioning” is just due to overexposure with no time for processing. This is one of those cognitive enhancers you may never read about, but is very important.